Selected Press

"Off Ramp" Radio Show with John Rabe. April 22, 2017

ART AND CAKE, December 12, 2016, Deborah Brown, "Careful What You Wish For"

DIVERSIONS By Genie Davis, November 2, 2016, Deborah Brown, "Careful What You Wish For– The Sexual Tension is Palpable"

THE M MAGAZINE,, April 2011

ART AND LIVING, July 17, 2009 “Art Spotlight: Sculptor Deborah Brown”

ARTWEEK, June, 1996 “Preview: Deborah Brown at Mark Moore Gallery” (pg 25)

LA WEEKLY, June 15, 1996 “Art Pick of the Week”

Zine Magazine, Zine Press, Tokyo, Japan. August 1995 (pgs. 41-43)

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Orange County Edition, May 25, 1995 “Off The Cuff” Artist Plays up Mocks of Distinction” (Section E, pg 4)

ART & ANTIQUES, May 1995, Melrod, George. “Openings”, (pg 32)

THE SEATTLE TIMES, May 13, 2005 “Young Artists Having Fun Now and Then”, Matthew Kangas

VISUAL MERCHANDISING AND STORE DESIGN, March 1995, Toevs, Stacey Witt “White, Red and the Blues for Barneys”,(Cover and pgs. 25-26)

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, May 26, 1995, Walsh, Daniella, “Feminist Self Critique in the Alley of the Dolls”, (Show Weekend section, pg. 70)

LOS ANGELES TIMES, May 16, 1995, Curtis, Cathy. “The Misfits”,(Section F, pg 2)

LOS ANGELES TIMES Orange County Edition, May 5, 1995, Dubin, Zan “Masquerading as ‘Vanity’Fare”, (Section F, pg 26)

ELLE MAGAZINE, December 1994, Stephen Greco, “Deborah Brown: Art and Commerce” (Fashion Notebook, pg. 88)

SAN DIEGO UNION, December 1, 1994, Pincas, Robert. “Brown: Ringmaster of Surreal with ‘Big Top’”, (Night & Day Section, pg 3, 46)

NEW YORK POST, November 25, 1994,O’Mahony, John “Putting up a Good Front”, (pg 37,46)

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 25, 1994, Beyette, Beverly. “Around Town: A Twisted Christmas” (Section E, pgs E1-E2)

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, November 1994 , Herman, Valli. “Festive Facades”. (pg E5)

THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, November 21, 1994 Gimelson, Deborah “Barneys. Art and Fashion World Get with Xmas Spirit” (pg 24)

ARTISSUES, Nov/Dec 1993, Duncan, Michael. “Deborah Brown at Mark Moore Gallery”, (number 30; pg 47)

LOS ANGELES TIMES, August 27, 1993. Pagel, David. “Exposing the Pain Behind Our Poses: Deborah Brown at Mark Moore Gallery”, (pg F24)

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